Six Sigma: Advantages

Six Sigma generates long-term and effective success.  You only can achieve growth on the fast-moving markets with constant innovation of processes. Six Sigma creates ta base for a new culture of everlasting modernisation.

Six Sigma pins on measurability and performance goals from customer’s point of view. Everyone who knows customers’ requirements, is able to assess his performance in comparison to Six Sigma’s “highest” purpose of 99,997 percent. Frequently, this purpose is even exceeded!

Six Sigma raises the value for customers and your own company.  Being able to deliver high-class and accurate products and doing business for a long time do not guarantee consisting success. Living Six Sigma means to find out customers’ requirements, how to make them measureable and to analyse how to achieve them in an economic and efficient way.

Six Sigma supports constant learning. The idea of a learning organisation first came up in the 1990’s, a concept, liked by many but very difficult to implement.  The Six Sigma method provides you with a concrete approach on how you are able to live knowledge management in your organisation.


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