Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a systematic method to improve business processes based on analytic and statistical procedures.

The particular point about Six Sigma, compared to other methods of process improvement, is the mathematical basic approach. Six Sigma acts on the assumption that you can describe every fabrication and business process by a mathematical function.

Six Sigma has its origin in doctrines of influential pioneers of quality management, for example W. Edwards Deming and Joseph Duran. Six Sigma and quality belong together. Six Sigma does not seek only for quality as an end itself, in contrast to other quality management systems. With the Six Sigma method you are only able to improve business processes, when benefit for customer and your company is guaranteed.

Six Sigma’s 5-Phase-Model pins on improvement of established business processes. Cognition and abolishment of critical sources of error lead to improve results basically, and create conditions for dissolving shortages in order to raise earning power of your company. Six Sigma orientates itself on customers’ requirements.


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