5s methodology

A company, which is not able to implement the 5S methodology successfully, must not expect just in time manufacturing, re-engineering or other long range changes to be implemented effectively.

With implementation of the 5S method, good workplaces will progress, bad workplaces will be omitted. The 5S method creates basic standards, a basic requirement for good working.

5S means having full control over your workplace. You identify what you really need, where, when and in which condition. You define appropriate and useful places for tools and other materials needed and keep this standard and care for it.

5S is a structured program to organise and standardise workplaces. It improves efficiency of work, increases productivity by decreasing search time and improving job safety. Employees are motivated by a well organised  work station. You can discover mistakes and deviation faster, before they will cause damage, without much effort and at low cost.

Japanese English meaning
Seiri sort remove unnecessary items and dispose of them properly
Seiton straighten arrange all necessary items in order so they can be easily picked for use
Seiso shine cean your workplace completely, be your own "caretaker"
Seiketsu standardise maintain high standards of housekeeping and workplace organization at all times
Shitsuke sustain use 5S daily, adopt this way of life

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